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With Healthblocks, we want to push for digital innovation in healthcare as hard as we can, by offering solutions that companies and professionals can leverage today.

So no, we won't be building surgical robotics or anything like that.

But increasingly popular wellness and fitness apps, omnichannel experiences and wearable technologies have cleared the way for digital health products to slowly become indistinguishable from healthcare as a service.

Below are what we believe to be the five biggest trends in digital healthcare right now.

Our favorite thing though?

Digital health applications, mobile or otherwise, can create this neat little loop that ultimately results in an experience that keeps improving itself:

😎 Provide stellar onboarding and service to initially engage users.

😎 Engaged users will consistently complete assessments and follow-ups.

😎 The data you gathered allows you to provide more personalised content.

😎 The key to keeping users engaged, is through personalization.

Rinse and repeat.

In the long term, the data you've gathered can prove to be invaluable for future treatment, improved therapy, preventive care...


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