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Mobile applications are the defining variable in bringing the digital health revolution to the masses. Big statement, right? But am I really that far off?

Think about it.

Cameras aren’t just for selfies, they help analyze skin lesions remotely; voice recording isn’t just there to ask Siri about the weather but also has the potential detect early Alzheimer's. Not to mention a lot of us already use fitness or mindfulness apps.

But what has been the true game changer? Well, what's the world's most valuable recourse?


Mobile applications harness data like never before. And we carry our phones with us, everywhere. Think about what could be overlooked during your next GP consultation?

  • Sleeping patterns
  • Calorie intakes
  • Exercise routines

Your smartphone can already help gather all that data, and a mobile application can harness it, paving the way for personalized care, and empowering independent health management.

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