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As you may or may not know, more and more companies outside of healthcare are trying to enter the digital health space. FMCG companies are a great example of this.

Mobile health applications, for instance, are very good at keeping users close. And that's exactly what FMCG and CPG companies are banking on as well.

Medication adherence is a classic example of a challenge these applications can address. So there's an obvious use case to be made for, say, supplement and cosmetics manufacturers.

Because results will only start showing after consistent usage or consumption, and adherence issues are a big detractor for product satisfaction.

A great example of an FMCG brand making moves in healthcare is Gatorade. Whether I feel like that's ironic or not, I'll leave out of the equation for now.

They've created what's called a Sweat Patch. It's basically a sticker you slap onto your forearm and it measures your hydration and sodium levels. Using the app, you can then scan the patch and adjust your liquid and sodium intake if needed. Of course, Gatorade's product range is there to help.

What do you guys think about this ongoing trend? Let me know!


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