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Global spending on digital health is expected to reach almost €1 trillion by 2025.

That is 12% of all spending in healthcare.

This means digital strategy is no longer something that needs to be put on the "to-do" list, but something that needs to be thought about now.

Even companies which aren't traditionally in patient engagement are starting to see the benefits of engaging with their customers to improve their service via digital means.

What does that mean?

According to Roland Berger, the increase of spend in digital health means a rise in the need of digital healthcare platforms.

A digital healthcare platform, put simply, is the integration of applications and technologies to provide a customised, end-to-end, healthcare solution.

Think patient acquisition, diagnostics, integrated and personalised remote care plans, appointment setting, therapy adherence and tele-consultations, all on one platform.

Digital health platforms already have the power to do so many things and the list of what you can do is always growing.

Our advice? Don't wait until 2025 to think about your digital health strategy, by then, it'll be too late. Find your ideal healthcare partner now to help you provide the best healthcare possible and bring the "digital" into "digital health".

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