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Healthblocks is a start-up created by Bothrs. In technical terms, it is a low-code SaaS platform for building digital health applications. In normal people’s terms, it’s a software platform that works like LEGO; just piece together the building blocks you want and out comes a secure and compliant solution that works as intended.

The importance of physical and mental wellbeing can’t be understated. Healthblocks is here to help companies bring valuable goods and services to the people, faster and easier without them having to worry too much about technicalities and regulations. It allows companies to fully focus on making their users happy and healthy. We want our work to contribute to that.

Keeping people happy and healthy is the same thing we’re after for everyone working at Healthblocks as well. Personal development and support are key for our team and their success. Everyone is immensely passionate about what they do, and we make sure to retain a proper work-life balance. Wellbeing is the number one priority at this company, both for our clients’ users, and for our own colleagues.

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