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Develop a relationship with customers and build loyalty

Establish a strong relationship with your customers to no longer have to deal with churn and lower your customer acquisition costs. An engaging digital healths solution will allow you to become a partner in life for better health and improve brand loyalty.
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Compliant with the latest security and privacy standards.

ISO 27001 Certification

The best known-standard providing requirements for an ISMS.

GDPR Compliant

Out-of-the-box. Enable users to exercise their rights without any additional development.

Instant Security Patches

Whenever you’re running on HealthBlocks Cloud or in your own Public/Private Cloud.

Compliant with the latest security and privacy standards.

Easily onboard customers via their preferred channel.
Gather data in a fun and engaging way to personalise your member experience.
Offer personalised suggestions and teleconsultations to guide members to better health
Analyse claims data that’s been collected to offer better insights and outcomes

"Thanks to Healthblocks we can finally build 1-to-1 relationships with our patients. It's a crucial step in our journey to offer coaching as a part of our offering. If you've ever had a coach, you know the impact they can have on your life."

Erlend Debast
Chief Experience Officer at Bio Minerals

Big challenges,
bigger opportunities

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Customers are changing and demand a more proactive experience from their insurer.

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Rising costs due to an increase in chronic conditions and ageing population.

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Disruptors are entering the market and stealing market share.

Working with us will change the way you do business

Faster time to market

This is what we mean by skipping the hassle. Developing a digital application from scratch is an enormous endeavour if you don't have a veteran team by your side. Just like how Shopify makes it easier, not to mention faster, for people to build an ecommerce platform, Healthblocks makes it easier for you to build healthcare applications, in a modular way.

Wide array of digital biomarkers

Whether they know it or not, most patients already carry health sensors with them everywhere they go. Everyone has a smartphone; many have a Fitbit or Apple watch. It's easier than ever to take progress pictures, do voice analysis, measure heart rate, etc. Leverage this technology now. Built for Behavioral Change.

Cost effective and scalable

Like with LEGO, you can always slap on a couple more bricks. Our blocks are designed in such a way they can all operate in conjunction with one another. In other words, you can start small, play with certain modules to assess their performance for your specific application, and implement them down the road.

Built for behavioral change

Our Blocks have behavioral science at their core; it's all about building positive habits. That's how you can have a real impact on the day-to-day behavior of your patients. Help your patients, help themselves get better, and get better every day.

Service & Platform in one

Because Healthblocks is built and implemented by its preferred partner, Bothrs, it can handle the project for you to start to finish. Bothrs has deep expertise in building healthcare apps. They're known for their strict processes, unparalleled speed, and validated learning. Don't worry; we've got this.

We already jumped through all the hoops

We know that your industry is plagued with strict regulations across the board. Whether cybersecurity or privacy, we've already jumped through the hoops with our blocks. Get ready to skip the regulatory line.

Build on our technical capabilities to expand yours

Native app

Gather the Healthblocks you need for your specific solution.

Superior UX

Gather the Healthblocks you need for your specific solution.


Gather the Healthblocks you need for your specific solution.

Brand identity

Gather the Healthblocks you need for your specific solution.

Market Data

Gather the Healthblocks you need for your specific solution.


Gather the Healthblocks you need for your specific solution.

Modularity is in our DNA.

No need to build from scratch, scale or maintain regulated digital health solutions, we've got you covered. Our platform is flexible and future-proof.

Customisable to your brand.

Highly customisable design system that is built to match your brand and values. Tailored to fit the specific requirements of your customer base.

Integrate in your broader ecosystem.

We easily integrate into your existing eco-system or existing EHR systems.

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